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Why Mashobra Hills becoming all weather tourist destination

Mashobra hills, on the outskirts of hill queen Shimla, are becoming a favorite destination of tourists across the globe.

Courtesy: ANI

Mashobra, Naldehra and Craignano areas are becoming the all weather destination to the domestic and foreign tourists. These tourists find the outskirts of Shimla as peaceful and adventurous.

As winters arrive, tourists from plains of India have started thronging to destinations beyond Northern hill town Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.

Within 20km distance from capital town Shimla, tourists can visit places in a day and return by evening. Ponds, pastures, thick forest, restaurant, golf course, huts, hotels, horse riding are main attractions for tourists. Realizing the tourist potential of these areas, now the government has been investing to strengthen the infrastructure.

Government run Himachal tourism Development Corporation owns a Hotel in Naldehra with capacity of 30 rooms. The hotel also has a restaurant.

Several other hotels and cottages in the regions have developed where tourists can have a comforting stay. A nature park is also being developed at Craignano.

This Nature Park will have a cycle trek, green cover, tree house and water bodies. The natural beauty of these places entices both local and foreign tourists. Foreigners come here for sight-seeing and capture the nature in their cameras.



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