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Beauty in ruins, get stunned by Hampi’s glorious charm

Magnificent in its destruction, sublime in its downfall, and silently witnessing the ravages of time, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and every tourist’s paradise.

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Located in the southern state of Karnataka, the city was pillaged and burnt in 1565 AD after the combined attacks of the armies of Muslim Sultanate of Deccan defeated the Vijayanagar Military Commander and the King fled the capital.

Although in ruins today, this capital city once boasted of riches known far beyond the shores of India. The city was well-planned with elaborate fortification; irrigation system of the empire was an engineering marvel of its time and was one of the main reasons for its prosperity. In Hindu civilization temples were an integral part and same was the case with the Vijayanagar Empire, where temple architecture was characterised by its exquisite ornamental carving.

The most splendid monument of Hampi is undoubtedly the Vithala temple complex with its 56 musical pillars. Made of rocks the pillars of the temple produce soft musical sounds with every knock. Hampi is well-connected with the nearest airport in Tomugulu, and railhead at Hospet and the best time to visit the place is between October and March.



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