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Experience artificial Ice Stupas next time you visit Leh

Upon listening the name of ‘Leh,’ we are reminded of Buddhist sites and trekking terrains in the serene and picturesque lap of Himalayas.

Video courtesy: ANI

But this time, its artificial ice stupas which are making tourists flock to the beautiful high-desert region. The innovative manmade ice stupas here, has been created to conserve winter waste water as an alternate to counter water scarcity during spring season.
The natural glacier formed out of winter snowfall on higher reaches of mountain serves as main source of water supply in this region for farmers. However, global warming resulted in shrinking of natural glaciers, thus, farmers in Ladakh face acute water shortage for irrigation, especially during spring.

Renowned engineer and innovator Sonam Wangchuk made his mind to battle woes of the locals, and took up this task. The excess water from stupas is stored in a tank constructed below them and about 5,000 trees planted on the surrounding barren land.

Sonam Wangchuk has already bagged Rolex Award for Enterprises in 2016 for building ice stupas to conserve water.



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