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Hyderabad celebrates traditional buffalo festival 'Sadar'

Hyderabad: Being a major attraction, 'Sadar' a festival organised on the sidelines of Diwali on Thursday, is a unique traditional festival of the Yadava community aimed at exhibiting their unity.

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The costly buffaloes that are brought from several parts of the country to be displayed at various parts of the state, hold an important significance with the participation of 2000 people in the recently organised Sadar by Chaitanyapuri Yadav Seva Sada.
While the costliest buffalo is priced at ₹25 crore, the animals that are decorated perform different stunts amusing people.
Several bulls, decorated with painted horns, ornaments, garlands and are paraded through the streets. They are accompanied by groups of people dancing to the beats of Telugu films.
In this year's Sadar festival, Raja, a 12-time national champion from Haryana, along with Hyderabad-based Shahenshah- a bull weighing 1,600 kilograms, and Dhara were the main attraction of the event.
Giving brief information about the maintenance of these super bulls, Haribabu Yadav, the organiser of the festival, quoted an example of Shahenshah and said, "He is 1600 kgs and we take intensive care of him, feed him with 25 litres of milk, one kilogram of dry fruit and fifty to hundred apples daily. We also take him for a 5-kilometre walk regularly."
Talking about the bidding procedure of the bulls, the organiser added, "Shahenshah had got Rs 25 crore offer but we are not interested to sell it. Rs 20 crore was offered for Raja in the Jaipur market last time. Rs 15 crore was offered for Dhara but the bull owners have decided not to sell them.
Also known as Dunnapothula Panduga, this festival in celebrated each year on the second day of Deepawali in southern India.
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