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51 women of menstruating age entered Sabarimala: Kerala govt to SC

New Delhi: Senior Advocate Vijay Hansaria, counsel of Kerala government Friday told the Supreme Court that over 51 women of menstruating age have entered the Sabarimala temple for darshan. The apex court was hearing a petition of two women in their 40s who had entered the temple earlier this month.

Senior Advocate Vijay Hansaria

Talking exclusively to ETV Bharat, Hansaria said, " We have told the court that there are 51 women who had registered online and visited the temple for the darshan of Lord Ayyappa. This number is of online registered women, apart from that, there might be more but we don't know the details. There can be 100s of women who entered the temple."

Hansaria pointed out that there were some organizations which didn't want the women to enter the temple. He said despite the protests, the state government wanted to implement the judgment. Hansaria added, " The two women (Kanaka Durga and Bindu Ammini) were stopped earlier but then the state gave them police protection. Both of them went to the temple and had darshan. Because of this, the other ladies also got the courage to go."

Talking about the review petitions regarding the judgment of the Supreme Court, Hansaria said that the state government believed that the verdict was correct and there would be no discrimination between men and women.



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