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BIG BREAKING: Supreme Court hears Congress' plea

Bengaluru: Taking the Karnataka battle to the top court, Congress moved Supreme Court and urged Chief Justice Dipak Misra for an urgent hearing after Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala invited BS Yeddyurappa to form government in the state and gave BJP 15 days to prove majority in the assembly. Abhishek Manu Singhvi is handling the Congress-JD(S) plea in Supreme Court.

Outside of CJI residence

Latest Updates:
  • Inside court details:..
  • 3:52 am: SC can curtail the time period from 15 to 10 or 7 days, argues Mukul Rohatgi.
  • 3:50 am: This petition should not have been filed. Congress & JD(S) should have waited for the floor test to be conducted: Attorney General KK Venugopal
  • 3:45 am: "In a case like this where the opposite side is showing 117 MLAs support, how will you have 112 MLAs support?," Justice AK Sikri asks AG KK Venugopal
  • 3:40 am: The matter shouldn't be heard in the night. Heavens won't fall if someone is sworn in. Last time SC heard in night, the case related to hanging of Yakub Memon: M Rohatgi
  • 3:34 am: Justice SA Bobde said, "we do not know what kind of majority BS Yeddyurappa has claimed. Unless we see that letter of support, we cannot speculate", while hearing the petition filed by Congress & JD(S) challenging Karnataka Governor's decision.
  • 3:32am: Abhishek Manu Singhvi completes his arguments.
  • 3:25 am: Singhvi hands over the letter to the Supreme Court judges issued by Karnataka Governor.
  • 3:02 am: "Where is the letter of the Governor in which he invited BJP to form the government," three-judge bench asked petitioner's lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi.
  • Supreme Court to Congress: You want us to scrutinise the discretion of the Governor but how do we decide this now? You don't even have the letter given to the Governor based on which he has called upon the other side to form the government.
  • 2:38am: Why has Governor given 15 days time to BSY-led BJP when SC had earlier cases in Jharkhand, Goa and UP Jagadambika Pal case had given less than a week to incumbent to prove majority. It's a sure invitation for horse trading: Singhvi.
  • 2:36am: Singhvi argues: By Not calling Cong-JDS combine which commands majority support in Karnataka Assembly, the Governor has negated democracy.
  • 2:35am: It's unheard that a party is given 15 days time to prove its majority from 104 to the magical number(112). Giving permission to form the govt to someone who is having 104 seats as compared to the other group that is having 116, is adding insult to injury: Abhishek Manu Singhvi
  • 2:30am: BJP has just 104 MLAs in support and the Governor has invited BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa to form the government. It is completely unconstitutional: Abhishek Manu Singhvi
  • 2:25 am: Yesterday, Congress legislature party passed a resolution supporting JD(S). HD Kumaraswamy submitted 37 MLAs signatures to the Governor, supporting Congress: Abhishek Manu Singhvi
  • 2:22 am: The Governor's decision cannot be whimsical. There are innumerable instances where post poll alliances have been invited to form government: Singhvi
  • 2:20 am: Singhvi cites Goa case, where he says a post-poll alliance by BJP, despite Congress being the single largest party, had stolen a march over Congress to form government and the SC had upheld it.
  • Former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi appears for BJP.
  • ASG Tushar Mehta appears for Union government.
  • Abhishek Manu Singhvi appears for Congress & JD(S).
  • Governor has discretion to call largest party & he has done so. If single largest party won't be able to form govt, other party will be called. In case of Goa elections, single largest party Congress had not presented its side, that's the difference: Mukul Rohatgi
  • Additional Solicitor General to represent BJP.
  • 1:05am: Hearing to be placed at 1.45 am in court no.6 of Supreme Court.

  • 11:55pm: Assistant Registrar reaches CJI residence.
  • 11:42pm: If Cong-JDS petition gets listed before a bench headed by CJI Dipak Misra, then Congress's star lawyer Kapil Sibal would not be able to argue before him as he had said he would not argue case before CJI since he had signed removal motion against him.
  • 11:40pm: Joint petition by Congress-JD(S) has been filed. After examining the petition for defects, Registrar will go to meet CJI Dipak Misra, who alone has power to set up a bench, subject to availability of SC judges, at midnight.
  • 11:30 pm: DCP Madhur Verma reaches CJI residence for law and order off the record.
  • 11: 20pm: Congress leader Abhisekh Manu Sanghavi and others will reach 5, Krishna Menon Marg, CJI place in a while.
  • 11:11pm: Congress leaders reaches Registrar General house.
  • On Wednesday night senior state BJP leader and party spokesman Suresh Kumar claimed that, Karnataka BJP legislature party leader B S Yeddyurappa to be sworn in as chief minister tomorrow. "B S Yeddyurappa will take oath as chief minister at 9 am at Raj Bhavan tomorrow," he said. The Governor grants BJP 15 days to prove majority.

Both the BJP and JDS-Congress combine have staked claim to form the government in the state after it delivered a fractured verdict.

The efforts of Congress and JD(S) to form government in the state took a dramatical turn as Karnataka governor Vajubhai Vala denied permission for the MLA parade earlier today.

He allowed only 10 JD(S) & Congress legislators to enter Raj Bhavan. A chaotic situation arose outside Governor's residence as police stopped H D Kumaraswamy and JD(S) MLAs from entering Raj Bhawan. JD(S) members protested outside Governor's residence.

  • BJP had tweeted that Yeddyurappa will be taking his oath by 9 AM on Thursday but the tweet has been deleted, the reasons are unknown

  • Karnataka governor calls BJP to form government
  • BS Yeddyurappa will take oath as the Karnataka chief minister at 9.30 am on Thursday
  • Independent MLAs R Shankar and N Mahesh who had earlier pledged support to BJP, had now turned the tables to stand with Congress. With the independents deciding to support Congress, the alliance number reaches 118.
  • H D Kumaraswamy after meeting the Governor, said that the letter of support has been submitted
  • D K Shivakumar, Congress said that the Governor has assured to take action as per the Constitution. "We have full faith in him that he will not do injustice."
  • "We have our numbers, not not even a single member has moved out. We will not allow any such thing to happen," DK Shivakumar

Pic courtesy: Twitter@ANI

Earlier on Wednesday, HD Kumaraswamy alleged that the BJP was offering JD(S) MLAs Rs 100 crore each to support them in forming the government in Karnataka. Kumaraswamy made the comments during a press conference after he was chosen legislative party leader in a meeting of the JD(S) MLAs in Bengaluru.

"JD(S) MLAs are being offered Rs 100 crore each. Where is this black money coming from? They are supposedly the servers of poor people and they are offering money today. Where are the income tax officials?" HD Kumaraswamy said.

Meanwhile, a confident Siddaramaiah tweeted a 'thank you' message for his supporters.

What's Happening

  • BJP's Ananth Kumar, Dharmendra Pradhan, JP Nadda and Muralidhar Rao met BS Yedyurappa at his residence in Bengaluru.

  • DK Shivkumar, Congress said, "No question of asking for anything (on reports that he wants to be Deputy CM). Our priority right now is to have a secular government. All the 78 MLAs are together."

  • G Parameshwara, Congress on 12 Congress MLAs not present in the legislative meeting at Karnataka Party Congress Committee office in Bengaluru said, "All the MLAs are intact. Some of the MLAs came late because they came in a special flight from Bidar."

  • Prakash Javadekar,Karnataka BJP In-charge on HD Kumaraswamy's horse-trading allegations said, "Rs 100 crore figure is not only imaginary but it is what Congress-JDS do politics through. We are going by rules,we have submitted our claim to the Governor, are confident of forming the govt."

  • TD Rajegowda, Congress MLA on being asked if BJP had approached him said, "They (BJP) keep on calling but we don't bother about it. I have clearly asked them not to call me. I am a committed Congress person. They have been doing this from long time. This is their job."

  • HD Kumaraswamy, on being asked if he had met BJP Karnataka in-charge Prakash Javadekar said, "This is a bogus news. No Javadekar, no BJP leader has met me till now."

  • HD Kuamaraswamy, JD(S) says, "BJP's Ashwamedha Yatra started in North, the horses have been stopped in Karnataka. This verdict is to stop the Ashwamedha Yatra."

  • Bhagwanth Khuba, BJP says, "When it comes to proving the majority, party has to show numbers, we will do that for sure. I can't speak openly but we will definitely prove the majority. It is BJP who was given the mandate by people."

  • HD Kumaraswamy chosen as legislative party leader in a meeting of the JD(S) MLAs in Bengaluru

  • BS Yeddyurappa, BJP after meeting the Governor says, "The party has chosen me. I have given the letter to the Governor & he will call me, that is what I am hoping. He told me that he will take an appropriate decision. I'll inform you after I receive letter from Governor."

  • A Manjunath, JD(S) says, "HD Kumaraswamy will be the CM & there'll be a coalition govt. That is the only truth. People want him to be the CM."

  • 66 out of the 78 MLAs reached for Congress legislative meeting at Karnataka Party Congress Committee office in Bengaluru.

  • MB Patil, Congress, "We are all together. All this is false news. In fact there are 6 BJP people, who are in touch with us."

  • NA Harris, Congress, "We have to protect the verdict of the people. They (BJP) are doing bad politics. We don't have to stoop down to their level. We are 118 in number number, we don't want anyone. No body has called me to the resort."

  • JD(S) MLAs Raja Venkatappa Nayaka and Venkata Rao Nadagouda are missing from the JD(S) legislative party meeting which is going on in a hotel in Bengaluru

  • JD(S) legislative party meeting begins in Bengaluru

  • HD Kumaraswamy, JD(S) says, "We have already decided to go with Congress. That's the reason we called Janta Dal (Secular) Legislature Party meeting. There is no question of taking."

  • Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister says, "People want BJP govt & we will make it. Anyone can create unnatural tensions, but people of Karnataka are with us."

  • BS Yeddyurappa, BJP says, "During the legislature party meeting the leader will be elected. From there we will go to Raj Bhavan immediately. We will claim to form the govt."

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Earlier, outgoing chief minister Siddaramaiah stated that H D Kumaraswamy would be the chief minister of the JDS-led government supported by the Congress after a meeting between the two parties over a power deal.

Karnataka Poll Equation
Siddaramaiah and Kumaraswamy also dismissed reports that a section of MLAs of their parties were unhappy over their joining hands in government formation.

"We have decided that Kumaraswamy will be the chief minister," he told reporters after leaders of the two parties met at a hotel here.

Siddaramaiah said the two parties had the numbers. "We are 117 together," he added.

Asked about reports of dissension among some Congress MLAs over the two parties coming together, he dismissed it as "a baseless rumour." Kumaraswamy said there was no revolt by MLAs in his party also.

Defending the Congress and JDS coming together, he said it had been done to "save secular forces" in the country.

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On the Congress having described the JDS as the "B team" of the BJP, Kumaraswamy said, "several criticisms will be there during elections."



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