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New 'shoe' takes life of this Andhra teenager

Srikakulam: This heart-wrenching story of an Andhra Pradesh teenager who dreamed high of looking after his poor parents is a perfect example of the saying, 'destiny has its own plans'. A speeding train on Friday hit 17-year-old Suresh resulting in his death on the spot in Garividi.

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What happened on the fateful day?
Friday was Suresh's second day to college. He boarded a bus in Rajam and got down near a railway track in Badriprasad colony to reach his college. As it was getting late to college, Suresh decided to cross the railway track and reach the college through a shorter route.

Unfortunately, his new shoe which he bought for college got stuck in the track and he fell down. As it was a pointed shoe, he was unable to remove his leg from the shoe. At the same time, a goods train came racing towards him on the Palasa-Visakhapatnam railway route.

He struggled hard to take out his leg from the shoe, but it was too late and the train ran over him. He was torn into two pieces resulting in his death on the spot.

Pedestrians who crossed the track were taken aback after seeing this accident.

Son's choice of a shorter route left parents in distress

Suresh's parents are in deep shock that his son's choice of taking a shorter route left them childless. Deceased's father Brahmam is a small time employee in a local jute mill, while his mother Lakshmi is a home-maker.

This unfortunate couple had lost their other two children at very young age with health related issues and now with this incident, they become orphan couple.

“He asked for new shoes as he joined a new college and he was happy that we got him a new pair, but the same shoe took his life,” shattered parents said.
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