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From Madhubani to Madurai, Railways observes beautification at stations

New Delhi: Kumari Neha, one of the awardees from Madhubani, said that her station was not attractive and hence she planned to beautify her station. Neha said, "I am extremely happy that I am selected and my station is now considered one of the most beautiful stations. I will encourage others for beautification so that others feel proud. Railways supported our initiative financially".

Awardees speak to ETV Bharat

Nisha Kumari, another painter from Madhubani shared with us that she has worked at 27 places including 3 Railway stations in the field of beautification. "My mother inspired me to go for painting at railway station. If my Mithla painting is famous all over the world, then why shouldn't we beautify our Madhubani station with our own paintings, " said Nisha Kumari.

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She added, "This is my first award in life and I am very happy. I would be willing to be part of beautification process at any railway station."
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Team from Tamil Nadu's Madurai was also awarded. The artists shared with ETV Bharat that they have tried to showcase traditional village life through their artwork. One of the artists told us that local people got surprised and miss the traditional life living in the modern city.



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