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Noida: Shopkeeper shot at for arguing over misbehaviour with girl

Noida: In a shocking incident, a shopkeeper was critically injured on Friday, after two miscreants shot at him in Noida reportedly after he argued with them over their misbehaviour with a girl a few days before.

shopkeeper was shot at for misconducting with a girl

In the CCTV footage the two accused were seen fleeing after the shoot out.

The injured shopkeeper, identified by police as Anil Gupta has been admitted to the hospital, where he is battling for life.

According to sources, the victim owns a stationery shop.

The incident happened around 1 pm in Barola village, when shopkeeper was sitting at his shop, police said.

Two bikers shot at him in the meantime. Some locals alleged that infamous miscreants of the village Ajay Pal Bhati, Vijaypal Bhati and Hariram Bhati were behind the shoot out.

Anil's family members alleged that he was involved in an argument with miscreants for misbehaving with a girl. In order to avenge the same, the miscreants fired upon Anil.

This is the second major incident of broad day light shooting in Noida. A Bajrang Dal activist was shot at in Noida's Sector 8 during a protest in the recent past.

At present the police are engaged in the identification of the miscreants on the basis of CCTV. The probe is underway, officials said.

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