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Delhi school rape case: Victim's parents demand harsh punishment

New Delhi: In a heart-rending incident, a class 2 student was allegedly raped by an electrician in NP Girls Senior Secondary School, Gol Market on Thursday.

Parents protest against school administration in the campus

According to police, the electrician forcibly muffled the child, dragged her to a water pump in the school campus and raped her.

Parents strongly demonstrated against the misdeed done to the victim and raised slogans against school administration and NDMC in the school campus.

They demanded to meet the Principal and questioned the security arrangements in the school.

One of the protestors Kamil said, "Such a horrible incident has happened in school and principal is not coming for two days. How can he go on a vacation?".

"Even if we ask the principal to meet, she never agrees to meet," said Rani another protestor.

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Furious over the incident, an agitated parent Mukesh said, "Now we are scared to send our children to school. Unless the security arrangements will not be firm, we will not send our children to the school." He vehemently questioned the school administration , "When a guardian goes to meet the child in school, he is questioned thoroughly, so how did an outsider walk freely inside the school?"

Another parent Tarannum demanded the school administration to show the CCTV footage installed at the school campus and urged harsh punishment for the culprit.

A seventh class student from the same school informed that the cameras are installed only in the class room but not in the corridor.



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