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Asia Cup 2018: This rule introduced for the first time ever in tournament

Dubai: Asia Cup 2018 is all set to get more exciting as the concept of Super Over will be introduced in the tournament.

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As per reports this edition of the Asia Cup will have a tie-breaking Super Over to ensure that the trophy is not shared by two teams. Interestingly, like all ICC events, where the Super Over is introduced, this will be the first time the Asia Cup will be played with the Super Over provision.

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  • According to the Playing Conditions released to all participating teams in the Asia Cup 2018, which kicks off on Saturday, the official result of the match would be a "tie" but within the context of the tournament the winning team of the "Super Over" will be declared the winner of the match and the victory is seen as equivalent of "one earned in a regular match".

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It should be noticed that the Super Over doesn’t affect a player’s statistical record as well as a team’s win/loss record, it just determines the winner of the match in case of a tie.



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