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Wear these sunglasses to block out screens around you

No matter how much you try, digital screens invade our daily lives. If you turn off the computer, it is the smartphone, if you put that away, there are the street hoardings with blinking lights to make you dizzy. To address this, an entrepreneur has invented a new type of special sunglasses which block all screens around you.

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Entrepreneur Scott Blew and a small team have devised what they call IRL (In Real Life) Glasses and have listed the product on Kickstarter. The glasses use a screen-blocking film to black-out most screens around you.
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However, the IRL Glasses are in beta and currently compatible to block most LCD or LED TVs, and computers with LCD or LED screens. They are not perfected to block smartphones or digital billboards with OLED screens.

The conceptual glasses have already surpassed their initial funding goal of USD 25,000 with 821 backers.
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