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Why green chillies are really good for your health

A food with zero calories and the ultimate taste is something that we do not get quite often. But this unbelievable little spice comes with a pack of healthy benefits.

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Improves vision:
A rich source of Vitamin C, green chilli improves vision and also keeps your skin healthy and glowing.
Treats stomach illness:

Not only it burns excess fats in our body but also acts as an effective pain reliever and as an anti-ulcer aid.

Combats cold and sinus infections:

Every time you suffer from a minor cold, people recommend to take spicy food. The reason behind that is apart from Vitamin C, green chili contains Capsaicin that helps to loosen phlegm making it easier to breathe. It also has a stimulating effect on the mucus membranes of the nose and sinuses.

Makes your heart healthy:

An antioxidant called beta-carotene that supports the cardiovascular system is present in high amount in green chillies.

Helps in blood clotting:

Green chillies are rich in Vitamin K, which is why it is proven to help you to avoid osteoporosis and of bleeding dangerously when injured.

Prevents cancer:

The anti-oxidants present in green chillies protect the body against free radicals by acting as natural scavengers.

Blood sugar control:

When it comes to balancing blood sugar, green chillies are very helpful. This is one major reason that people recommend it to diabetic patients.

Regulates mood swings:

Almost all of us are aware of the mood swings that affect our day-to-day life. The chemicals released during the consumption of green chillies are known as endorphins which boosts our enzymes and help us with our mood swings.



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