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Take the most expensive walk and let them talk

Dubai: The Passion Diamond pair made in collaboration with Dubai's Passion Jewellers, becomes the most expensive footwear at US $17 million (around Rs. 125 crore).

Pic Courtesy: Instagram

Crafted from real gold, with a D-flawless 15-carat diamond adorning the toe of each stiletto, this footwear is irreplaceable and different.

They are not just a pair of shoes they are the dreams of the ones who have realized the truth of life that is, with the right footwear you can conquer the world.

Style is something reflected from our soul to the outside world. Style indeed is something each of us already has, we just need to nourish it.

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Style is to decide what you are and what you want to express, by the way you dress and the way you walk.

This expensive pair of shoes has a total of 236 diamonds lining the opening of the shoe where it meets the foot.

The Stilettos have been designed by UAE-based, Jada Dubai.

The fashion project is a collaboration between Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers, UAE. This explains that the real proof of a graceful woman is what is on her feet.

While the displayed shoes are of European size 36 (UK - 3.5), the pair can be custom-made to fit those who can afford.

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Well, with these pair of shoes, you may actually feel like the queen of the world.

Jada Dubai also showcased three other shoes from its latest collection, made with diamonds, rubies, gold and pearls. The new collection includes the Diamond Pearl sandals, which are priced at $25,000.

The Ruby Stilettos, which feature rubies, gold and diamonds, will be on sale for $27,000.

The Diamond and Gold stilettos will be available for $17,000.

The title of world's most expensive shoes was previously held by a pair of gold and diamond-covered stiletto heels by UK designer Debbie Wingham. These shoes, worth $15 million, were reportedly made for a Middle Eastern client's daughter.

The way you move is quite dictated by the shoes you wear. And for all the ladies out there, this shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk.
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