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You can't afford to keep getting divorced, says Saif in jest

Hyderabad: Saif Ali Khan who has been married twice shared thoughts on relationships, marriage and his illustrious yet inconsistent career in a recent interview.

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In a chitchat with a noted film critic, Saif candidly spoke about his career graph and how he felt in short of opportunities to play age-appropriate roles.

Saif admitted that he felt jaded playing a romantic hero catering to multiplex audience post 'Love Aaj Kal' and 'Cocktail'.

The 'Phantom' actor took a jibe at his romantic hero image and said, 'The soul of the romantic hero is a guy who is confused about his future and is commitment phobic. And it apparently irritates the audience to see a guy who has grown up and been married twice and is still confused."

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The host brought up a reference of Saif's earlier interview where he had said that it's a blessing to like your wife not everyone has that luxury. On hearing his own words, Saif facepalmed and said, "I should really watch what I say in interviews."

The actor who is married to Kareena Kapoor Khan, a successful Bollywood star, later explained the thought behind him making that statement.

"It's a blessing to be loved. We all get into relationships but things change. When you are in love you don't even realize that you are two different people. When you start realizing you are two different people it doesn't' suit everyone", said Saif.

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For the Chote Nawab, the idea of liking someone is based on the fact that one like being around a certain person for the quality that he or she sees in the other person which they lack themselves.

Saif further added, "I can well imagine a lot of people not liking the people they are stuck with after a point because you can't afford to keep getting divorced. You need a lot of money for that. So people deal with it". The audience burst into laughter.

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"So you are lucky if you are with someone whom you like and love", concluded Saif.

On the work front, Saif is busy working on his upcoming film in which he plays a Naga Sadhu. To look the part, the actor grew his hair and beard. He even got his ears pierced for the role, for which he was worried about initially.



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