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Watch: Camera catches man assaulting a girl in WB

Kolkata: In a disturbing incident, a middle aged unidentified man was caught on camera who was trying to sexually assault a girl from behind at a fair in West Bengal has gone viral on social media.

Courtesy: EenaduIndiaBangla

In the video, it is clearly shown that the man was brazenly grinding himself against her from behind while the girl seems confused by the molestation. He continued this immoral behaviour for almost a minute. After some time, realizing the man's act, the girl's mother (can be someone else) came in between the girl and the perpetrator.

As per the sources, the shameful incident took place at a fair during the handloom and handicrafts Expos in Hooghly district's Chinsurah.

The whole incident was filmed by a person standing behind them. After that, he posted the video on social media and it went viral.

In pic: The culprit

Chinsurah fair manager Srivas Mandal said, "This incident has not happened in our fair. I can give assurance about that. Because we have put many CCTV cameras for visitors' safety and also enough police were there for security."

"I think it was happened in somewhere else. However, wherever, we seek the punishment of that person. Such mentality cannot be accepted in the civilized society." he added.
  • Reactions of general public:
As the video is now viral on social media, and people have questioned the West Bengal government and police to take immediate action against the culprit.

This incident has once again highlighted the plight of girls and the rising number of cases of sexual abuse.

People questioned, why are these type of incidents happening in West Bengal again and again?How did we go beyond the limits of modesty?

A few weeks ago, a man also was caught masturbating inside a bus in Kolkata. A girl in the bus has filmed his shameful act, as a result of which the police had nabbed him.

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