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Pain of Periods: Meet Poonam, Chhattisgarh's 'Pad Girl'

Bilaspur: A two-hour drive from the capital Raipur, a teenage girl in Bilaspur is hogging the headlines in state and national media. Meet Poonam Singh, who has been instrumental in innovating a novel method of making pads at an affordable cost.

A girl in Chhattisgarh making natural sanitary pads

Unlike the ones available in the market that are prone to infecting women irrespective of ages, the ones made by Poonam have no side affects and are disposable.

A biology second-year student of the DP College of Bilaspur, Poonam has traced the side effects of sanitary napkins available in the market, which are both dangerous and have deadly consequences leading to cancer.

It was then Poonam came up with an idea to make natural sanitary pad that is harmless, cost-effective and easily disposable.

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Not just that, she has spread the message by providing classes to elder and young women about periods and how to avoid pain and stay away from infections.

According to Poonam, petroleum jelly and synthetic substances that are used in the market available sanitary pads are extremely dangerous. They cannot be easily destroyed after use, hence affect environment.

Poonam's pad is made of basil seeds and fenugreek seeds. She has designed and even demonstrated the pad by using cotton bandage in making the pads. Basil seeds have the natural properties of absorbing and can be disposed after use.

Recently, 'Period. End of Sentence', a 26-minute documentary, has won an Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards in the best documentary category. The film is all about women in India fighting against the stigma of menstruation.



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