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CPM has a long history of violence against our workers: ABVP leader

Thiruvananthapuram: Ahead of the 2019 lok sabha polls, the youth wings of political parties are begining to pull up their socks too. ETV Bharat spoke exclusively to ABVP National Co Organizational Secretary Sriniwas Sharma to discuss the role that the RSS affiliated student party would play.

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Views on NOTA:

Speaking on the nation wide Anti- NOTA campaign that the ABVP is planning to launch after BJP's drubbing in the three Hindi heartland states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Sriniwas said, "We want to spread the message across the country that pressing NOTA means resorting to negative politics and would only go on to harm our country's democracy. We would thus by campaign appeal to people of the country to appeal for the best suitable candidate from their constituency and avoid NOTA".
Sabarimala issue:

Speaking on Sabarimala issue and left's allegation of ABVP workers indulging in violence in the state of Kerala, Sriniwas said, "The ABVP workers have for long been harassed, assaulted and even killed in Kerala for having nationalist opinions. The CPM has a long history of violence against our workers, even the CM Pinnarayi Vijayan happens to be an accused in a case of a RSS worker. The AbVP workers are not indulging in violence, instead they are being provoked. As far as the Supreme Court judgement is concerned, we are disappointed that the apex court of the country failed to respect the sentiments of our women of Kerala".

Ram Mandir issue:

On the Ram Mandir issue, Sriniwas made it clear that the party would not take up any agitation or movement before the apex court gives it's decision. He said, "We have full faith in the Supreme Court that it would respect the sentiments of the people of this country and give the verdict in favour of construction of the Ram Mandir. We are disappointed by the delay appeal for a daily basis hearing of the case. The politics on the issue can only be ended by building the temple of lord Ram who is the identity of this country."

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