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World's tallest statue 'Lord Ram' finalised in Ayodhya

Ayodhya: Amid brewing Ram temple issue in the city, Yogi government is all set to install 221-meter high statue of Lord Ram on the Saryu Ghat of Ayodhya, the model of which has been finalised by Chief Minister Yogi Adiyatnath in a meeting in Lucknow.

Ram statue in Ayodhya

The Ram statue will be made by the sculptor Ram Sutar, from Noida, who had recently made the world's tallest statue of Sardar Patel.

Ram Sutar's son, Anil Ram Sutar told media that the authorities are likely to demarcate at least 75 acres land for the statue.

According to Anil Ram, three statues were created for the demo. First one showed Lord Ram from the time of his exile, the second showed Lord Ram in a blessing seeking posture The third and final model was customized as demanded by CM Yogi, which projected Lord Ram as a brave hero, with his left leg on a stone, the right foot on the ground and a bow in one hand and arrow in the other.

The model was finalised in a meeting held in Lucknow.

World's tallest statue
The idol of Shriram is divided into three parts. With a base of 53 meters, 151-meter tall statue and 20-meter tall umbrella. Overall, the statue is 22-meter high.

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