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Finally! Stork with ring wrapped around beak rescued

New Delhi: Even though new initiatives and promises towards a better world were made on this World Environment day, a picture of a black-necked stork with a ring wrapped around beak showed us the gruesome reality of today's environment.

Stork with ring wrapped around beak rescued

Experts from wildlife department rescued the sub-adult male stork of about two-year-old which would have starved to death if not provided help on time.

The bird is now healthy and is kept under observation in Sultanpur National Park.

After the bird was spotted by a birder, conservationists began their trail to get hold of it from 7 June.

With a rubber ring that trapped its beak, the bird could drink water but could not open its beak further to eat.

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With the passing of each day, it was clear that the time for rescue was running out. Threats from stray dogs added to the emergency as well.

"We used drones to trap the bird. But the sound distracted all the birds. The best thing we could do, knowing that the bird had not eaten for days, was to wait for its energy to get over. Finally, the bird grew weaker and was not able to take long flights. That's when it was captured," said Pankaj Gupta, birder.

After days of tracking and multiple attempts to catch the bird, it was finally rescued on Wednesday at around 9 am.

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The rubber ring was then removed from the bill.

Though rubber ring gave the stork bill enough movement to drink water, it did not provide enough movement to clear the mud collected in the lower part.

The stork was in shock after rescue and looked weak and dehydrated. It was hand fed a fish and given some water.

Talking to ETV Bharat, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of forest, Haryana, Vinod Kumar said, "It was a long procedure. The bird is now safe in Sultanpur National Park. Our team is constantly monitoring its situation. We've removed the ring from its beak. It will be released once it gets back its energy."

Presently kept in a make-shift cage, the conservationists are hopeful that they will be able to release the bird by tomorrow morning.

Incidents like these are a reminder to the grave issue of improper waste disposal in the world.

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