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Everyone from a common man to journalist is scared: RaGa

Raipur: Congress party president Rahul Gandhi, while addressing the Jan Swaraj conference, took many jibes at BJP and Amit Shah.

Pic Courtesy: EenaduIndia/Hindi

Taking a jibe at the central government, Rahul said, "Today there is an atmosphere of fear in the country. Everyone from the common man to the country's journalists are scared."

Slamming Amit shah, he said, "National president of the ruling party is accused of murder." Rahul alleged that RSS was penetrating into most of the Indian institutions.

Addressing the people at the Indoor Stadium, Rahul Gandhi said, "It was the first time in the Indian history where four judges of the Supreme Court had to have a press conference for justice."

He added, "This is the start of dictatorship in the country, and the voices of the people were being suppressed. Innumerable incidents of violence have been reported in the country, but the central government is silent."

The comments came against the backdrop of the dramatic developments that took place in Karnataka after the Assembly election there threw up a hung verdict.



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