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Unbelievable! THIS MP village has no child for 400 years

Rajgarh: Out of the belief that the village is cursed, women in a Madhya Pradesh village have not given birth to a child in the village for around 400 years. Residents of Sanka Shyam Ji village situated in Rajgarh district believe that there is a curse upon the village that forces women to go outside the village perimeter to give birth to children. They believe that if a woman tries to give birth in the village, the child will either be deformed or the mother or the child will die.

Pic Courtesy: ANI

The elders of the village claimed that around in the 16th century, when a temple was being constructed by the Gods in the village, a woman was grinding wheat, due to which the deities got distracted, and out of anger, they cursed the village, saying that no woman would be able to give birth to the children.
The sarpanch of the village, Narendra Gurjar said, "90 percent of the deliveries take place in hospitals, and in case of an emergency, deliveries take place just outside the village. It is believed that the construction of a temple was disrupted by a woman and hence the curse was set upon this village."

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Since then, the village believes it is cursed and even today, women do not give birth to the children in the village. They have also constructed a room outside the village, where, in case of an emergency, women give birth to their children.

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