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Trump is not declaring national emergency anytime soon

Washington: US President Donald Trump ends all speculations about the declaration of emergency to get funds for the border wall, and thereby re-open the government, by saying that he is not going to do that now. Instead he wants the Democrats to come and vote for the wall.

Courtesy: APTN

Why the talk of Emergency

Here is a little background. Donald Trump believes or at least he wants Americans to believe that there is security crisis at the US-Mexico border because smugglers, criminals cross the border into America. With bad people and illegal migrants drugs too come to America in great quantities. And he wants to build a border wall to stop all these for which he needs $5.7 bn. Problem is, the Democrats are not convinced. They admit there is security problem at the southern border but not to the extent as Trump claims. And they refuse to fund it. An infuriated Trump partially shuts the government down and threatens that he would declare a national emergency. He talks about emergency because in such a situation he can use military funds for the wall. So there were lots of talks on whether he really meant it or was it pressure tactics or whether declaration of emergency will run into legal troubles. Some experts said that that was the only option left for him if the Democrats dig in their heels and refuse to budge.

What now

Trump now says that he can declare emergency anytime if he wants and that it is the easiest thing for him to do, but he is not going to resort to it right now. "Now the easy solution is for me to call a national emergency. I could do that very quickly. I have the absolute right to do it but I'm not going to do it so fast because this is something Congress should do. And we're waiting for the Democrats to vote. They should come back and vote for the wall funding", said Trump.

With this the partial shut-down remains in limbo. Some Republican senators hinted that the President is considering a deal with the Democrats, but no further detail was available. Backing down from his stated stance would be huge loss of face for Trump before his support base. Yet he knows that sticking to his decision would aggravate an already difficult situation with 8,00,000 fed employees suffering from no pay check and with the increasing gap between Americans for and against his border wall issue.

There are palpable signs that some Republicans too do not fully support Trump's adamant attitude about the wall. If the impasse continues there might be rift among Republican lawmakers which is sure to embolden Democrats who are then likely to harden their opposition even more.

It will be interesting to watch what compromise formula is eventually hammered out.



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