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US fed workers are feeling the pinch real hard

Washington: Hundreds of federal workers missed their first paycheck on Friday thanks to the partial shutdown over the impasse about the border wall. The government shutdown is in its fourth week.

Courtesy: APTN

About 800,000 government workers missed their paychecks. Many employees posted pictures of the pay stubs on Twitter and expressed frustration over the standoff between the Democrats and the President. Federal employees are feeling the pinch in a bitter way being unable to pay bills and being forced to borrow money from relatives or elsewhere to tide over the crisis. Some are leaving jobs and trying to find new ones.

"I'm angry. I'm scared. I've been planning but I will say since the day you know that Friday night when we went into a government shutdown, Christmas was not a relaxing time for me. I've been really nervous", says furloughed employee Maggie Ewell of US Department of Agriculture.

Meanwhile help to the hapless employees is coming from various quarters. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has organized an event in collaboration with credit unions, utilities and nonprofit organizations to help the fed employees with short term loan plans and other assistance.
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Tampa International Airport is working with different agencies to set up a food pantry, get bus passes and working with utilities to help hundreds of federal employees who may be struggling to pay bills.

Pittsburgh International Airport served lunches to Transportation Security Administration workers and air traffic controllers on Friday and plans to do it every Friday until the shutdown ends.

Meanwhile security agents are refusing to work without pay and this has started to affect air travel. The situation might worsen if more and more people stop work in airports. That will create a turmoil in air travel across the country.

"It's a lot on everybody and everybody's just trying to hang in there. And hopefully there's some resolution to this shutdown soon, because if it goes on for months, I can only imagine what's going to happen to morale, because it's already the lowest I've ever seen it", says federal worker Wanavia Wilson.
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