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Customized vehicles steal the show at Japan Auto Salon

Tokyo: From ear-shattering speaker systems and custom rims, this year's Tokyo Auto Salon promises to be one of the biggest. There's even a specially modified Nissan Juke that can drive on snow.

Courtesy: APTN

Tokyo Auto Salon is one of the top motor shows globally for modified and tuned cars. The event takes place annually in January and this year marks its 27th anniversary.

426 exhibitors gathered together to show off their latest in car customizations, from big names like Ferrari and Lamborghini to smaller custom body shops.

One of these custom tuning shops is 326POWER, which deals in custom rims, struts and suspensions, and wheel camber work. The company is based in Hiroshima, but says that they get business from all over the world.

The company came to the event with four cars all showing off their unique custom wheelwork.

Fukuda Yudai a 326POWER Mechanic, says the cars reflect the personality of their owners.

"People who get this kind of customization tend to have a strong personality, so they want to stick out. For example, many of our customers have high self-esteem, so they want to have a car that's different from everyone else."

While there were many small custom car companies showing off the best they had to offer, household names did not miss out on a chance to show their innovation as well.

Nissan brought a concept version of their Juke SUV, which had been modified with snow tracks, or what they call "crawlers", instead of wheels.

"My inspiration is when we go skiing, sometimes we see just only vans installed with a crawler system for people who are moving, but we felt that it works better with the Juke system. So we made it into a kind of conversion like this," explains Sho Yasukagawa, Nissan Global Conversion and Accessory Manager.

The concept was made to show off the abilities of the Juke and show how versatile the model can be.

This year's Tokyo Auto Salon shows over 900 vehicles and car-related products over the span of three days.

With such a high number of exhibitors and vehicles, participants are trying everything they can to lure visitors to their booths.

Visitor Nigel Müller is impressed by the event.

"It's crazy. Like, there are so many cars that have insane modifications that are not necessarily enhancing the performance of the car, but just for the looks of it. Like way-too-big wings or way to much camber (angle) at the wheels. It's crazy," he says.

This year's Tokyo Auto Salon runs from Friday January 11th through Sunday January 13th.
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