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Trump targets Acosta, Obama over Florida vote count

Washington: President Donald Trump is brushing off former first lady Michelle Obama's claim that she can't forgive him for campaign rhetoric that potentially put her family at risk.

Trump attacks Acosta, Obama

Responding to questions from reporters outside the White House, Trump said he hadn't seen the comments, but thinks she made controversial comments to increase sales for her newly released memoir.

He then said he would give "a little controversy back" and attacked former President Barack Obama, saying he did not properly fund the military.

Trump also defending the seizure of Acosta's White House press credential and the president is suggesting that more reporters could lose theirs. Trump claims reporters aren't "treating the office of the president with respect."

The president cast doubt on the integrity of the vote count in Florida's Senate race, without providing any evidence of wrongdoing. The race between Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott is too close to call.

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But Trump says Scott won "by a comfortable margin" and now the candidate's tallies are going down.

The president says Broward County Supervisors of Election Brenda Snipes "has a horrible history and all of a sudden they're finding votes out of nowhere."

Trump spoke to reporters before departing the White House for France on Friday.

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