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Watch: Devastation caused by Hurricane Michael in Florida

Mexico Beach: One of the hardest-hit spots in Florida is Mexico Beach, where Michael crashed ashore Wednesday as a Category 4 monster with 155 mph (250 kph) winds.

Courtesy: Severestudios.com

Drone footage from Severestudios.com Thursday revealed widespread devastation across the town of about 1,000 people.

Entire blocks of homes near the beach were washed away, leaving nothing but concrete slabs in the sand.
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Rows and rows of other homes were reduced to piles of debris or crumpled and slumped at odd angles.

A National Guard team got into Mexico Beach and found 20 survivors overnight, and more crews were pushing into the area in the morning, with the fate of many other residents unknown.
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Authorities said 285 people in Mexico Beach had refused to leave ahead of the hurricane despite a mandatory evacuation order.

A day later, the beach town remained hard to reach by land, with roads covered by fallen trees, power lines and other debris.



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