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China criticises new trade deal agreed by US, Canada, Mexico

Beijing: China criticized the free trade agreement of the US, Canada and Mexico on Thursday, saying it should not limit the ability of other countries to expand their foreign relations.

In Pic: Gao Feng, China's ministry of commerce spokesperson

The agreement among the North American countries potentially restricts Canada and Mexico from reaching a free trade agreement with China and other "non-market" countries.

If Canada or Mexico signed a deal with China, the US could terminate its trade agreement with them on a six-month notice.

This may pose a problem for Canada who is eager to diversify its trade.

"The purpose of establishing free trade zones is to facilitate the trade among the member states," said Gao Feng, China's ministry of commerce spokesperson.

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"There should be no exclusionism," he said.

Gao also responded to the accusation made by the Trump administration, accusing China of trying to meddle in the US elections.

"We just want to safeguard our own legitimate rights and interests and have no intention of meddling in the US election," said Gao.

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He also said the US government may have threatened the business leaders who are against Trump administration's trade measures on China.



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