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Flower expo in Tokyo aims to utilize the gift of nature

Tokyo: As a wide range of flowers can be enjoyed in Japan through its distinctive seasons, flower arrangement has traditionally been a common practice here and is constantly evolving.

Video courtesy: ANI

The annual "Flower Dream" show is the largest flower exhibition in the nation, introducing various facets of flower arrangement which attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.

The lively works by top florists are lined up in the exhibition in Tokyo. This arrangement uniquely utilizes bicycles. Flowers are wildly decorated all over the bikes. The diorama work of a small garden carries such delicacy of the florist with its details. Even a necklace and a glove here are made with real flowers. You can even wear them.

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In addition to the arrangement using conventional fresh flowers, arrangement using preserved flowers has been very popular in recent years. Preserved flowers are real flowers processed using a special technique that allows them to retain a fresh, lifelike beauty to be enjoyed for many years.

The arrangement techniques and artistic approach involved are different from those for fresh flowers. Since old times, natural beauties have never ceased to inspire human imagination across the globe. Japanese people enjoy this process in a unique modern way.



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