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Jharkhand: Shoppers throng markets on Dhanteras

Jharkhand: Dhanteras is considered to the most auspicious day to buy goods like gold, cars and utensils. Shoppers thronged all major markets across the state on the occasion of this annual festival.

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Even traffic jams could not dampen the buyers fervour. Despite inflation the enthusiasm of the festival was seen amongst the people and late night buyers crowed were seen in the market. People purchased goods like gold jewellery, cars, electronics and utensils.

Considered auspicious for shoppers, who desire to promote their wealth by buying gold or silver ornaments, the festivities began with offers and discounts on gold and silver jewellery as well as other precious metal items.

More than 40 thousand bikes, cars and commercial vehicles were purchased. Jewellery, smart phones, TVs, fridges, washing machines and general household goods were in huge demand in the markets.

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Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce vice-president Deendayal Charakwar said that the economy of the country gets a boost due to such festivals. Many people get job and business opportunities in one or other areas which helps the economy to grow, he added.

Besides Ranchi other places like Bokaro, koderma and Garhwa also did good business on the occasion. According to an estimate, gold and silver worth more than 10 crore was sold in Bokaro.

Also on the occasion, more than 20 crore business was done in Koderma. To attract customers shopkeepers offered attractive offers to the shoppers.

According to a figure, about 600 motorcycles were sold in Koderma district. Similarly in Garhwa district more than 20 crores business was witnessed, reports said.



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