Not Only Argentina, Iran Too Has Its Lionel Messi
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Here we have found the Iranian Lionel Messi

Here we have found the Iranian...
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Reza Parastesh is popular for his resemblance with the star player Lionel Messi

Reza Parastesh is popular for...
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He looks so much like his sporting hero

He looks so much like his...
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His uncanny resemblance once landed him in jail for disrupting public order in the western Iranian city of Hamedan

His uncanny resemblance once...
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Many people came out to take selfies with Parastesh that police rushed him into a station

Many people came out to take...
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They impounded his car so that they could stop the chaos and clear the traffic

They impounded his car so that...
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The father of Parastesh is a huge football fan

The father of Parastesh is a...
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He insisted the 25-year-old to pose for pictures in number 10 Barcelona jersey, which later they sent it to a sports website

He insisted the 25-year-old to...
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They immediately got the response and Parastesh was called for an interview

They immediately got the...
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It was then, Parastesh soon grew into his new role by cutting his hair like Messi and donning Barcelona jersey often

It was then, Parastesh soon...
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Very soon he started getting paid for interviews and photoshoots

Very soon he started getting...
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He has even landed modelling contracts

He has even landed modelling...
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Parastesh says that now people started recognizing him as Iranian Messi

Parastesh says that now people...
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They want him to mimic the real Messi and do what ever he does

They want him to mimic the...
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Parastesh too is a football fan

Parastesh too is a football...
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He keeps practicing the football skills and tricks

He keeps practicing the...
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