5 Bizzare Facts About 'The King Of Pop'
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Here are some interesting facts about his personal life

Here are some interesting...
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Michael Jackson wanted to be featured as Spider-Man and X-men in Marvel films

Michael Jackson wanted to be...
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He had rare disorder Vitiligo, which caused his melanin-producing cells to malfunction and fail and he got fair

He had rare disorder Vitiligo,...
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The pop star was actually bald and he used to wear wig. After an accident his hair and scalp got severely damaged

The pop star was actually bald...
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After the incident, he underwent a few plastic surgeries, which are said to triggered his addiction to it

After the incident, he...
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Michael was so obsessed with his pet ape, Bubbles that he used to spend his whole day with it

Michael was so obsessed with...
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The life of Michael Jackson had always been into limelight as he used to make headlines not only with his albums and performances but his personal life had always been in talks

The life of Michael Jackson...
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