Toothless Gets Girl In How To Train Your Dragon 3
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The trailer of How To Train Your Dragon 3-The Hidden World is out

The trailer of How To Train...
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It the third and the final chapter of the trilogy

It the third and the final...
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After creating peaceful dragon-Viking utopia, Hiccup and his toothless friend is ready for some new adventure

After creating peaceful...
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The Night Fury of Hiccup, Toothless too gets his girlfriend called Light Fury

The Night Fury of Hiccup,...
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It is a white-skinned dragon, owned by the longtime girlfriend Astrid Hofferson

It is a white-skinned dragon,...
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Toothless will also be seen performing dance for his girlfriend like a male bird

Toothless will also be seen...
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Meanwhile, Hiccup and Astrid will discover yet another hidden world of the dragons

Meanwhile, Hiccup and Astrid...
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Like the other two films, this too has a villain called Gimmel

Like the other two films, this...
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Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera have voiced the characters of Hiccup and Astrid

Jay Baruchel and America...
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This animated film has been made under Dreamworks animation

This animated film has been...
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Dean DeBois has returned with another installment of this animated movie

Dean DeBois has returned with...
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He co-wrote and co-directed How to Train Your Dragon and its sequel

He co-wrote and co-directed...
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It took five years for the makers to come up with the last installment of the series

It took five years for the...
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The film is slated to release on March 1, 2019

The film is slated to release...
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