Movies To Watch About Complicated Relationship
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Love Aaj Kal: Deepika and Saif starrer film seems too much trouble in a less time. After break up the duo realize that they should never get separated

Love Aaj Kal: Deepika and Saif...
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Blue Valentine: The real and sensitive film portrays the relationship like Sun. After a sunny afternoon it slowly dies with the dawn

Blue Valentine: The real and...
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Socha Na Tha: Two people unwilling to marry, turn each other down but become great friends and later fall in love

Socha Na Tha: Two people...
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Like Crazy: Once crazy in love, Anna and Jacob slowly fall apart. Those who fought through all odds to be together are now fighting with each other

Like Crazy: Once crazy in...
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Jeux D enfants (Love Me If You Dare): A friendship started with a dare game turns into love but Julien and Sophie take the game too far

Jeux D enfants (Love Me If You...
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Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (Will You Cross The Skies For Me): Love evolves with time but it never fades away, proves this Tamil flick

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (Will...
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A Lot Like Love: Two people who are attracted to each other bump each other again and again over years. But it gets too late to be in a relationship

A Lot Like Love: Two people...
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Celeste and Jesse Forever: Best friends get married. Later they decide to divorce but still want to remain as besties and spend whole time together

Celeste and Jesse Forever:...
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500 Days of Summer: The classic romcom shows no matter how amazing your relationship is, it too can face a painful ending

500 Days of Summer: The...
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Saathiya: The film portrays that once a passionate love turns into a dreadful marriage. Couple discover the other side of each other after marriage

Saathiya: The film portrays...
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Not only in your lives, but movies too comprise complicated relationships. Life is not a fairytale and these films show the reality of the new age relationships

Not only in your lives, but...
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