Meet Victoria Lopyreva, World Cup 2018 Ambassador
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Victoria Lopyreva is appointed as the brand ambassador 2018 FIFA World Cup (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Victoria Lopyreva is appointed...
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She is one of the leading Russian models and also had been the Miss Russia 2003 (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

She is one of the leading...
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She has won numerous titles in her pageant career and will take part in events designed to promote the image and traditions of Russia (Photo Courtesy: Instagram

She has won numerous titles in...
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The former beauty queen was also appointed the UNAIDS special ambassador, tasked with highlighting awareness of HIV (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

The former beauty queen was...
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She will encourage millions of people coming to the World Cup to protect themselves from HIV (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

She will encourage millions of...
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Her aim is also to aware people about zero discrimination on the basis of race, nationality or HIV status (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Her aim is also to aware...
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Before this, Victoria was hired in 2007 as the co-anchor of a Russian Football Show (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Before this, Victoria was...
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Which also lead her to develop a keen interest in football (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Which also lead her to develop...
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In the history of Russian football, Victoria became the first female host (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

In the history of Russian...
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Brazillian striker, Neymar Jr. is her favourite footballer (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Brazillian striker, Neymar Jr....
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Victoria is quite famous at Instagram as well (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Victoria is quite famous at...
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She has over 1.2million Instagram followers (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

She has over 1.2million...
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Krasnador striker Fyodor Smolov is her ex-husband, to who she divorced (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

Krasnador striker Fyodor...
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The duo parted away after being together for two years

The duo parted away after...
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