Facts About Hinduism Only Few People Know
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Any religion never gives people the right to do violence and go against humanity. Those who know very little about their own religion spread violence

Any religion never gives...
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Here is what Hinduism about which world actually does not know

Here is what Hinduism about...
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Hindu religion is actually called Sanatan Dharma and some people even call it Vedic Dharma which symbolises eternal dharma or truth

Hindu religion is actually...
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There is no founder. It is originated in the period of 1500-2000 BC. Many saints and priests have promoted the religion

There is no founder. It is...
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You can worship anything of your interest from nature like animals, plants, stones, earth e.t.c. It never bounds you to pray only sculptures of Gods

You can worship anything of...
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Hinduism is the only religion in the world which promotes feminism. Hindu goddesses have equal powers and rights as Gods

Hinduism is the only religion...
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In our society, where menstrual cycle is considered as taboo, in Hinduism, people worship the bleeding Devi of Kamakhya temple

In our society, where...
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The temples are made not made for only spiritual and religious purpose. Khujraho temples promote intimacy and temples like Brihadisvara temple promote architect

The temples are made not made...
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There are no strict rule and constraint. It allows people to live in there own terms and follow other religion as it says god is only one

There are no strict rule and...
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Originally, there were no written scriptures in Hinduism. Vedas and upanishads were taught in verbal form. After few year, some saints wrote them

Originally, there were no...
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The ultimate aim of the religion is to spread positivity even if you are atheist. Yes, a person can also be atheist in Hinduism

The ultimate aim of the...
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It never bounds you to a particular caste. There is no caste in Hinduism, the concept was created by people

It never bounds you to a...
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Basic needs of a human being like money, food, sex and other things are not considered as a sin in Hinduism. They instead worship the gods who are related to these needs

Basic needs of a human being...
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