What These Viral Sensations Are Doing Now ?
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Dabbu Uncle AKA Sanjeev Srivastava: After going viral with his dance video, the dancing uncle bagged few ads and has also appeared on a TV show

Dabbu Uncle AKA Sanjeev...
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The wink girl AKA Priya Prakash Varrier: She became national crush after her wink in a song went viral. She soon became most googled person in India

The wink girl AKA Priya...
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Dhinchak Pooja AKA Pooja Jain: She made our ears bleed with her songs after which BBC Asia Network interviewed her

Dhinchak Pooja AKA Pooja Jain:...
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Aranya Johar: One of the viral women of nation 2017, the poet continues to write poetry on various social issues and feminism

Aranya Johar: One of the viral...
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Chai Waala AKA Arshad Khan: He went viral with just a picture, and from modelling, to featuring on billboards, to music videos, his life changed overnight

Chai Waala AKA Arshad Khan: He...
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The selfie girl AKA Saima Hussain Mir: When SRK posted a selfie taken in Symbiosis Campus, Pune, a girl in olive green tee went viral.

The selfie girl AKA Saima...
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These viral sensations became stars overnight with help of internet. Have you ever wondered what these people are doing now after going viral

These viral sensations became...
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