TV Actresses Who Faced Their Tormentors
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Rashmi Desai: The actress was followed by a goon, but fortunately saw a police van patrolling at the signal

Rashmi Desai: The actress was...
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Saumya Tandon: While returning from tuition classes and one of the boys poured a bottle of white polish on her head and vamoosed

Saumya Tandon: While returning...
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Jasmin Bhasin: She faced an incident of eve-teasing in Lokhandwala complex of Mumbai. She clicked their pics and threatened to call the police

Jasmin Bhasin: She faced an...
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Tanvi Thakkar: Tanvi was constantly getting calls and vulgar messages from a pervert. Tanvi contacted cyber cell and got the person behind the bars

Tanvi Thakkar: Tanvi was...
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Chitrashi Rawat: She had an admirer, who would keep gazing at her and whistle. Chitrashi walked up to him and banged the hockey stick on his auto

Chitrashi Rawat: She had an...
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In the past, a few actresses from the telly world have faced incidents of violence or molestation who have now come out in open

In the past, a few actresses...
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