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Parenting tips for divorcees

Though a divorce is an emotional upheaval for couples, they need to make sure that the children do not suffer the repercussions. It can be a difficult time for your family, but do not let the children get caught in the middle of a messy situation.

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Keep these tips in mind on how to keep your children away from the tension of separation.

Whatever happens between the two of you, it should not change your equation with your kids. Make sure that they do not get involved in your relationship problems and get affected in a negative way. Do not use your child as a means to communicate with your partner. This puts the child under pressure and forces him/her to take sides. Direct communication with your partner should be preferred.

Do not fight in front of your child as it can leave a bad impression on him. Do not bitch or crib about your partner. If you have a lot of things in your heart that need to be vented out, prefer doing it in front of a friend or relative. If it does not work, then visit a professional.

Remember that a child needs to share his/her feelings too. When you are going through the divorce and your child sees you in a frustrated mood, he/she will avoid talking about his emotions. Thus you should encourage them to jot down their feelings or talk to older siblings.

And always try to keep your children away from the stress of a divorce.



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