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A wonder juice that can solve 10 problems

Bananas benefit us in several ways. Isn't it? The fruit as well as the flower has high fiber content and keeps us away from diseases. But have you ever heard about the banana stem juice?

The juice has a mild taste and it can be prepared by mixing it with ginger, butter milk, cardamom and lime. The numerous benefits of banana stem juice are listed below:

Regulating the insulin level in the body, the bitter juice acts as a natural remedy for diabetes.

This juice is also effective in regulating blood pressure. The extracts of inner banana stem is beneficial for a person suffering from high blood pressure.

High iron content along with Vitamin B6 of banana stem juice increases the count of Hemoglobin, curing anemia in long run.

The low calorie content of banana stem is why one can consume it more often. It has good amount of potassium and Vitamin B6 and absolutely no sodium, cholestrol and fats.

Banana stem detoxifies your body by flushing out toxins.

An easy solution for UTI (Urinary Track Infection), a common diseases now-a-days is banana stem juice.

The juice also helps in controlling acidity and other its causes such as chest burns and irritability.

A very effective home remedy against kidney stones.

Potassium in the banana stem juice increases your body's immunity if consumed thrice a week.

Drinking this juice you can also manage your weight as it reduces fats by slowing down the release of sugar stored in body.



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