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Here's why animals are not perfect holiday gift

New Delhi: While the festive fervour has painted the holidays, many people gift pets to their loved ones. However, this might not be the most intelligent thing to do. Gifting a pet might make you feel good about yourself, but it might be challenging for the master.

animals are not perfect holiday gift

While adopting a pet after thorough planning and consideration might be comfortable, receiving an unplanned pet as a gift proves to be detrimental for the pet as well. Having a pet is like having a baby, along with the bundle of joys, comes the great responsibility of nurturing and protecting the new member.
Timely vaccination, regular health check-ups, clothing, and unforeseen liability require heaps of care, investment and responsibility. Appropriate space, food cans, defecation, and environment are also important considerations. Careless adoptions often lead to abandonment or returning of animals.
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Rising depression amongst pets is also a burning issue, which needs reflection. Also, having a pet during the festive times can be chaotic for the master and its pet, and a pet should have peace to grow, at least during the initial weeks.
A pet needs attention and care, therefore careful consideration before bringing that furry friend home is a must.



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