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Some cared makeup tips for sensitive eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, it can pretty much discourage you from applying makeup. And your concern is quite valid, if not done properly it cause problems like itchiness and irritation.

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Your eye being sensitive was not your choice, so here are some tips on what to keep in mind while applying makeup.

Cleaning your brushes: Make it a point to clean the brush regularly before applying makeup for your sensitive eyes. Unclean brushes might lead to infections because dirt gets accumulated as you are using the brushes. You can clean the brushes using a mild shampoo or soap and then leave it on a clean cloth to dry.

Do not line your inner eye: Many makeup experts recommend using a white kohl pencil to line the inner eye so that they look bigger. Unfortunately, it won’t look good on women having sensitive eyes. Instead, they should use a pencil or liner outside the lash line.

Avoid using mascara: Mascaras are used to make the eyelashes more pronounced but women with sensitive eyes should stay away from this cosmetic product. The fibres present in the mascara may cause irritation in the sensitive eyes.

Remove makeup: Most of the women often forget or feel lazy to remove their makeup. This is a liberty which women with sensitive eyes can not take. They should always remove eye makeup using a mild cleanser or a makeup remover. This way, dirt does not get inside your eyes and they remain protected from all kinds of infections.

Sensitive eyes need not always be deprived of makeup, use the tips and enhance their beauty.



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