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Meet this Desi YouTube star, Amit Bhadana

New Delhi: Being a star today is much more than just box office numbers. We have a large pool of minds, both young and old, coming up every day in social media sites like YouTube, wishing of instant fame and money.

Amit Bhadana speaking his heart out

Amit Bhadana, a name that needs no introduction amongst youths today, also started his journey with such desire. "If you know that you have a talent, display it. Bring it in front of people," he said while speaking to ETV Bharat.

Once a law student, Now a Youtube star

A student of Law, Delhi-boy Amit used to be a shy boy back in school. However, with the social media revolution, he rose to be known as the 'Badshah of YouTube'.

With more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube, Amit focuses on comedy episodes that are meant for youths, as well as their families.

Suggestions from friends

During his early days, Bhuvan Bam was one name that was creating a buzz at YouTube. Inspired by Bhuwan, Amit initially started uploading videos at Facebook.

On receiving a good response, he was suggested by his friends to start his own YouTube channel.

The first experimental video proved to be a 'social media blockbuster' and there was no looking back.

Family members response to his videos

Amit also shared a humorous incident about his family. They (family) mistook him as a person who shoots for marriage events. He was scolded by his family members who were tensed knowing that he was involved in marriage's video production.

Later when he showed his comic videos to his family, their misconception was sheared away.

Now, he is a Youtube sensation who has more than 10 million subscribers and his one fresh video recieves million hits within short time.

Watch the interview to know more about Amit Bhadana.



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