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Stone directs traffic at premiere of friend's indie movie

Los Angeles: Oscar-nominated actress Sharon Stone played a new role Wednesday night at the premiere of her friend's indie movie 'Pimp'.

Courtesy: APTN

Stone was the unofficial red carpet traffic officer, directing the stars posing for photographers, then helping to quickly usher guests inside to watch the film.

Executive-produced by Lee Daniels, 'Pimp' is an independent film starring Keke Palmer as a lesbian pimp

Stone was awaiting Palmer's arrival to congratulate her on the film.

"That was very, very cool. Sharon Stone is so, so freaking dope to me," said Palmer. "For her to even be nudging me and talking about this movie or anything, it was the coolest thing in the world. It's like wow, you know."
Director Christine Crokos explained she met her friend Sharon Stone almost 9 years ago through mutual friends when Crokos starting her planning on this film.

Needless to say, Stone loved 'Pimp' and wants to encourage everyone to go see it.

'Pimp' opens in New York and Los Angeles this Friday and on demand.



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