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How Sanju, Arjun, Janhvi braved similar cruel blow of fate

He has seen the best and worst in his life from stardom, controversies, downfall and the second chance to rise again as Phoenix. The other one is a responsible son and brother first than an actor whose troubled childhood and upbringing of a single mother made him the man he is today who is carefully building his career brick by brick. Her Bollywood dream is on the verge of coming true but the journey henceforth will not be easy for her without the support of her mother and prove her metal in the industry brimming with fresh talent.

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Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor come from different generations but they share one more thing in common than coming from families which ruled Bollywood for years.

A cruel fate of blow unites these three celebrities in a tragic way. They have braved similar painful life event at the very crucial stage of their lives. Sanju, Arjun and Janhvi lost their mother just ahead of the release of their debut film.

  • Nargis Dutt did not live to see Sanju's debut 'Rocky' on big screens

When Sanju saw Nargis on hospital bed in US in coma he wanted nothing in the world but his mother. Sitting there helplessly and watching his mother go made him feel "impotent". When she came out of coma after three months, the first thing she asked was, "Where is Sanju?"

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Nargis always wanted to protect her son from the truth about her health until his first film gets released. Unfortunately, she passed away before seeing Sanju in "Rocky" which was produced and directed by his father Sunil Dutt. The demise of Nargis broke Sanjay completely who was 23-year-old then.

  • Mona Shourie passed away two months before Arjun Kapoor's debut 'Ishaqzaade'
In an unfortunate turn of events, Arjun lost his mother just few days before his debut film "Ishaqzaade" released in 2012. The actor has been vocal abut how he is incapable of reconciling with the fact that his mother is not around to see what she dreamt for him and how he has grown up to become everything she wanted her son to become.

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It takes big heart to let bygones be bygones when one has suffered emotional bruises at the tender age. It took more than two decades before coldness stared thawing between Arjun and his father Boney Kapoor who walk over his kids and wife Mona Shourie to marry Sridevi.

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Janhvi put up a brave face when she lost the axis of her life -- her mother --Sridevi. Jnahvi was not even around when her mom brathe her last and her heart-wrenching reunion with Sri happened three days after actress' demise in Dubai.

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21-year-old Janhvi's dream of making her mother proud got shattered and so did the dream of a mother who wanted to see her daughter rule the silver screen will remain unfulfilled forever.

The debutante is learning how to live with the 'gnawing hollowness in her chest" and void that the demise of her mother left behind.



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